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On-Court / Off-Court Plus-Minus Last Four Games

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  • On-Court / Off-Court Plus-Minus Last Four Games

    This data is for the Stanford loss, Oregon State win, Oregon loss & Colorado win.

    Data is points per possession when player is on the court.

    Baseline points per possession:
    USC Offense: 0.98 points scored per possession
    USC Defense: 0.97 points allowed per possession

    Points per Possession scored when player is on the court:
    Name Off. PPP
    Goodwin, Chevez 1.03
    Mobley, Isaiah 1.02
    Waters, Reese 1.02
    Ellis, Boogie 1.00
    Agbonkpolo, Max 0.99
    Peterson, Drew 0.99
    Anderson, Ethan 0.96
    Johnson, Kobe 0.79
    Morgan, Joshua 0.78
    White, Isaiah 0.64

    Points per Possession allowed when player is on the court:
    Name Def. PPP
    White, Isaiah 0.77
    Waters, Reese 0.83
    Morgan, Joshua 0.87
    Agbonkpolo, Max 0.95
    Ellis, Boogie 0.97
    Mobley, Isaiah 0.97
    Goodwin, Chevez 1.01
    Peterson, Drew 1.03
    Johnson, Kobe 1.04
    Anderson, Ethan 1.05

    Point Differential On Court per 100 Possessions:
    Name Diff per 100 Poss
    Waters, Reese +19.8
    Mobley, Isaiah +4.7
    Agbonkpolo, Max +4.3
    Ellis, Boogie +3.1
    Goodwin, Chevez +2.5
    Peterson, Drew -4
    Morgan, Joshua -8.1
    Anderson, Ethan -8.9
    White, Isaiah -13.6
    Johnson, Kobe -25.4