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Drew Peterson and our roster next year

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  • Drew Peterson and our roster next year

    I think Drew will come back. He isn't really in any mock drafts and I think he'll decide to pull out

    Who do you think our starting players will be?
    I'd be really interested to see how RDW would do.
    I'm also curious about Vince vs Josh as I do not think Josh is ready to start but Vince is young.
    And point guard? We can't play Boogie

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    We are still searching for that point from the transfer portal.

    I know we’re also looking to add a forward; that may or may not be a starter at the 4.

    These seem to be the options...

    1 Portal PG
    5 Morgan/Iwuchukwu/Kijani

    Also starting 2/3/4: RDW & Drew

    This leaves two options: a transfer forward at the 4, with Drew at the 3; or Drew at the 4 with Boogie sliding in at the 2.