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    Hey guys - had some questions for the next pod.

    What are the chances that Boogie can keep up this insane offensive streak he is riding? It’s a lot of fun watching him play right now and it would be awesome if he can continue playing at this level for the conference and ncaa tournaments.
    Staying on Boogie, is there a scenario in which SC can entice him to return for next season with an improved nil package? The consensus seems to be that he is going to leave, but I don’t totally understand why he wouldn’t consider a return. I get that he probably won’t to play off ball to Collier, but does that completely rule it out? I think he’d at least have to consider coming back if SC were to make a good offer.

    Moving to Vince - what can we expect from him for the remainder of the season? He’s obviously very raw and is still trying to catch up, but he can really make a difference when playing well considering he’s our only center that can score at all. He’s been quiet during our last 3 series, but it would be really nice to get him going again.

    On recruiting - have guys heard anything about Bronny’s recruitment? He’s developed to the point that he’s an obvious-take, but I haven’t heard anything since he announced his final 3. The problem I see with Bronny and USC is the roster fit, with a handful of guards next year already locked for big minutes (Collier, Demary, Kobe and Reese, at a minimum).

    I also wanted to note the difference in atmospheres in the games against the Arizona schools. I was at both of the games, and the Arizona crowd was totally dead, mainly because almost 3/4 of the upper bowl was completely vacated. It was embarrassing seeing Galen that empty for a matchup like that during the final home stand of the year. The Arizona State game, on the other hand, was much better. Attendance was up 17 percent from the Arizona game (69 percent capacity to 86), the difference being that the upper bowl was filled out with groups, schools, and organizations that the athletic department clearly gave tickets to. Why doesn’t the admin do this more often? Getting more people in Galen should be a priority and also shouldn’t be very difficult. Have student giveaways, give ticket packages to large groups who will show up, cut the price of upper bowl tickets, and advertise the team. Galen is a great atmosphere when filled, not so much when empty.

    Thanks, and keep up the great content.

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    I've got a couple to throw in too:

    Who has been a more valuable member to their team - Amari Bailey or Tre White?

    How does UCLA do such a better job at defending Arizona than we do? Would love to solve that puzzle. You can blame a little of our game on foul trouble keeping Kobe and Boogie out, but so many of their baskets just look so easy.

    Which 7/8 seeds currently in Lunardi's/Palms (or Nick's) bracket scare/encourage you the most as a matchup right now? B1G 7 seeds like MSU and Iowa don't really scare me, Kentucky does, Missouri doesn't etc.