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    Wanted to Lay Out the Potential Bid Thieves. It would be shocking for USC to miss the tournament at this point, but here are the teams who could steal a bid:

    WCC: If either BYU or San Francisco win the tournament instead of Gonzaga or St. Mary's, that's a bid steal.

    Mountain West: This one is pretty complicated, San Diego State and Boise State seem like locks. I'd be shocked if Nevada or Utah State didn't make it if they didn't make the final since both are squarely on the bubble right now. So I'd keep an eye on New Mexico and UNLV here. They'd steal a bid if the won the MW Tournament

    ACC: Virginia Tech stands out here, possibly Wake Forest or Syracuse. Virginia, Miami and Duke are locks. Pitt (though undeserved) and NC State seem likely to get in with one win and maybe with none. Clemson probably needs to make the final to warrant serious consideration. Same goes for North Carolina even though they are much more deserving than Pitt.

    Pac 12: If any team outside of the top three teams win it, they steal a bid. WSU and Oregon (Though they may have a case if they make the final) seem like the most likely candidates. Arizona State probably needs to make the final to get in, although they'd have a case if they beat USC and played Arizona close.

    Big 12: Texas Tech and Oklahoma would steal a bid if they win it. Either would have a pretty good case if they made the final. West Virginia seems like a lock at this point and Oklahoma State probably needs to win 1 or 2 games. The top 6 are locks.

    Big East: Marquette, Creighton, Xavier, Uconn and Providence are locks. Villanova and Seton Hall seem like the candidates here. Villanova especially since they've been playing really well since Justin Moore returned

    Big 10: Total mess. Purdue, Indiana, Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland and Northwestern seem like locks. Penn State and Rutgers probably need at least one win to feel good. Michigan and Wisconsin probably need 2 wins to get on the right side. Ohio State seems like the lone candidate that is capable of winning it and needing to win the tournament to secure a bid

    SEC: Vanderbilt is the name to watch here. Alabama, A&M, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas and Auburn are locks. Mississippi State seems in as of now but a first-round win against Florida would be big.

    Conference USA: Any team outside of Florida Atlantic winning this would be stealing a bid. North Texas and UAB are the prime candidates