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  • Questions for Pod Tonight??

    David posted some questions. Thank you, David.

    if anyone else has questions for our pod tonight, please let us know.

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    It will probably be covered, but I'm curious how you guys feel about Sellers as the 5th guard and the guard drop off after him.

    We have Boogie, Collier, Kobe, as starters then James and Sellers off the bench. Are those all of our guards after the exodus?

    Bronny and Sellers are still decently sized question marks at the D1 level. Moreover, if any starting guard gets injured, that shrinks to a 4 man rotation, if a second guard gets injured, even for a game, we only have 3 guards left? Is this concerning?


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      Very excited for this season: I feel like USC is very close to being a legitimate national title contender. What pieces (archetypes or specific players) do you think the team needs to address with its final roster spots to get into that conversation?

      Based on how the roster is shaping up, it appears there could be a great deal of turnover after this season. Any insight on the top recruiting targets for 2024? Any players that USC is gaining significant traction with?


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        Exciting times to be a USC basketball fan. I have been a long time (daily) lurker on this board and others. I think the last time I posted on this board was after Renardo Sydney committed. So long ago in fact that I had to sign up again in order to post today. Thank you Chase and Nick for all your insights into USC Bball and College basketball in general. Love the podcasts.

        What is going on with Keshad Johnson? If we aren’t getting him, who or what is the backup plan?

        Can you fill us in a bit more on the recent developments with basketball NIL in general, and specifically your endeavor that you had mentioned last month on the P?

        There has been quite a bit of message board conflict over the possible and now definite commitment of Bronny James. Some posters and media members insist he is a one and done, and thus won’t contribute much to the team. I have not seen anyone from the James camp say Bronny was definitely only playing one year. What have you guys heard?


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          Also, what are your thoughts on 247 moving Collier down to #2 overall? Seems very weird after the performances he’s had against top competition this year. Thanks again!


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            What are your thoughts on the remaining roster spots? Any names you're hearing that may head our way? Moving forward, what role do you see Klutch having with our basketball program if any.
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              There are rumors that Bradshaw might come? Who do you think we might lose if he does?