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Made some videos on Film/Data on USC Basketball (Student)

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  • Made some videos on Film/Data on USC Basketball (Student)

    Hi! I posted this in the other USC basketball forum and people seemed to like it, so Im gonna post it here too!

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but Im a USC student hoping to get into basketball analytics (and hopefully for the USC team) and Xs and Os of basketball and did a breakdown and some of our offensive playbook at the end of last year (which is I think still pretty similar) and ways we might be able to improve some issues we faced, I thought id get to talk to the analytics department of the team after someone offered me to connect to them but I guess they just got really busy with the season starting! So I basically just went through our 3 main pick and roll kind of "set series" that we would run and broke each of them down in an Xs and Os breakdown, with a 10 minute video dedicated to each of them, I was wondering if anyone on here would find a bit of a breakdown on our offense interesting maybe!

    I also did a video breaking down the UCI game, and kind of the story of that game and some tactical areas we kind of struggled in, in the game vs UCI, particularly with Collier pick and rolls (Hes amazing btw, just stuff UCI did and how we adjusted to that and how that little tactical battle played out)

    On our plays last year (We run all of these still)

    Video Links:

    UCI breakdown:

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    Um yes. This is amazing, thank you! Keep up the good work!