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    It's been brought up, but is it time to start seriously talking about AE's job? Like letting him go mid-season? He's done a wonderful job taking us to next level. But what about the top level? Are we happy with the #1 player in the country, Bronny James, media coverage, a Sweet Sixteen every now and then?

    I honestly don't know the answer. This is better than before, and I worry that getting rid of AE is going to push us backward. Thank goodness that UCLA is worse. But this is frustrating to watch with our talent level. What's going to happen next year once Collier, Boogie and Rodman are gone?
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    I honestly don't think there's a shot in the world he would be let go mid-season.


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      I doubt he would be let go a the end of the season either. I heard he is still owed something like $16M on his contract and no one is going to step up and pay that. He deserves better than that.


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        Keep in mind our athletic department revenues are about to increase by about $80M/year.


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          yeah, a bit of an emotional post on my end. We were picked to finish 2nd in the Pac-12, just frustrating when you see a down Pac-12 and the opportunity to take advantage. Not sure what will happen.


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            I know we’re going to be spending a lot on the football staff. But there should be some bread left over for a top flight hoops coach.