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A brief update on the last scholarship

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  • A brief update on the last scholarship

    It’s not being used on Trent Perry; so where does that leave us?

    I’ve been operating under the assumption that the last spot would go to a point guard, and the big target was DJ Wagner. But Calipari (who has a long history with the family) has apparently stepped up big and Wagner is visiting Fayetteville this weekend in advance of a presumed commitment.

    Beyond that, we’re dealing on social media rumors. Michigan State’s AJ Hoggard listed USC among his 5 finalists. I’ve never heard of Hoggard being on campus. And now the big rumor is that Vanderbilt has stepped up and offered Hoggard $800K in NIL. Hoggard is now visiting Nashville this weekend (supposedly). $800K is a huge price tag, and even with SC’s improved NIL, I’m not sure it’s the kind of offer Muss is interested in making.

    What is clear is we’ve hit NIL-flation time as the pickens in the portal have narrowed.

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    Is Kevin Patton Jr the last guy?

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      freshman, good shooter, 6’8, and yet a guard…sign me up ! also sounds like prototypical Muss


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        Originally posted by ChiTrojan View Post
        He might be.