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On-Court / Off-Court Splits for Ethan against Colorado

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  • On-Court / Off-Court Splits for Ethan against Colorado

    Ethan’s played in 36 of the 65 possessions for the game; he had a plus-minus of -13. In those 36 possessions, USC scored 29 points; in the 29 possessions he was not in the game, USC scored 41 points. In the 36 possessions for Colorado he was in the court, the Buffs scored 42; in the other 29 possessions when he was not in the game, the Buffs scored 30 points. Getting into the numbers at a more granular level is even more stark, as you can see below.
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    Oof, those numbers paint a picture my eyes choose not to see on Friday. Usually I'm pretty good at finding ways to rationalize data because its always tricky to find out exactly what it means. But those numbers are pretty damning.

    1 game is of course a small sample size, my biggest concern with making the inference from bad data -> bad player would be that this data may be skewed if EA was in for the worst section of that 17-3 run Colorado had us, and perhaps that was coincidental - correlation not causation.

    However, it would be a second coincidence that Ethan was NOT IN rotation for our comeback run which was smattered across the second half and those 2 coincidences might be enough to say "hey, this guy just happens to be in when they score a lot of points and we don't, let's take a look of that..."