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Chase and Nick -- on a future pod

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  • Chase and Nick -- on a future pod

    I'd be interested in hearing you guys do a "draft" of the 14 players now on the roster -- it would be a real education for us novices as to which guys you think are most valuable, skilled, etc.

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    Great idea.

    for parameter, should we use all future value (like whole basketball career ahead, or should we just use performance this upcoming season?


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      to add to that, I would suggest you draft from a combination of this year’s roster and the players from last year’s roster as you see them today. based on how overall “good” you think they are, as an individual player.


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        I will add this to possible Pod Questions.

        Yesterday Coach Muss mentioned that they had to take Grad Transfers and Freshman as players who were in school were really hard to get into school at USC [Keyshawn Hall, Wagner and some others]. My question, will the Admin loosen up restrictions eventually or is Transfer Portal recruiting going to be limited to Grad Transfers moving forward? That could really limit our team in the future. Thanks.


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          We'll get to this next podcast, fellas