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Comparing NBA Finals Ratings to NCAA Tournament Ratings

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  • Comparing NBA Finals Ratings to NCAA Tournament Ratings

    This isn't exactly an apples to apples comparison for a couple reasons: First, the data comes from different services. The NCAA ratings come from ShowBuzzDaily, which was basically hacked and shut down in May; the NBA ratings come from SportsMediaWatch, which isn't great about providing the underlying data. In both cases, the underlying data appears to come from Neilsen. Second, the NCAA Tournament is a lot more games than the NBA Finals; so this data is essentially from the final six games of the NCAA Tournament: three of the four games of the Elite 8 and the three Final Four games. Finally, the NBA is now apparently adjusting up its views number by adding bars and restaurants; I have no idea if the NCAA was doing the same.

    Here is the data on ratings:
    Game Rating
    Oregon St. v. Houston 3.50
    Arkansas v. Baylor 3.78
    UCLA v. Michigan 3.95
    UCLA v. Gonzaga 7.56
    Houston v. Baylor 4.41
    Gonzaga v. Baylor 9.39
    NCAA Average 5.43
    NBA Finals Game 1 5.2
    NBA Finals Game 2 4.5
    NBA Finals Game 3 5.1
    NBA Finals Game 4 4.7
    NBA Finals Game 5 4.8
    NBA Finals Game 6 6.6
    NBA Final Average 5.15