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  • Time to give props to CAE

    Originally posted 01-15-2021, 03:13 PM

    Originally posted by ACfromSC View Post
    Also you mentioned buyers remorse on Hopkins at Wash. Those are his players this year Chase. He's winning with players that the former coach couldn't or didn't for whatever reason. I believe he's also doing just fine this year in recruiting in his second year there. We'll probably have a much harder time getting anymore of the Wash state recruits anymore now that he's having such a successful year.

    This is not fair to ACfromSC (who is unlikely to see this post), but I wanted to circle back to some of my original skepticism about Mike Hopkins. A big issue for me from the get-go was his devotion to the 2-3 zone, and my suspicion that such a reliance on a zone defense would be a ceiling on the quality of the team.

    In fact, two seasons ago, Hopkins was relying on players (Thybulle, Nowell, Dickerson, etc.) that Lorenzo Romar had recruited.

    It's true that Hopkins did recruit two big time lottery type prospects for himself the following season; but one-off, one-and-dones does not a program make. You need to build depth and longer term quality. Hop hasn't done that. He has quality High Major talent in Quade Green (though he's not nearly as good as UDub fans thought), Erik Stevenson and Jamal Bey. But that's pretty much it; and those three are hardly good enough to carry a team on their backs. Guys like Hameir Wright, Raequan Battle, Cole Bajema, J'Raan Brooks and Riley Sorn aren't really High Major players.