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The Home of USC Trojans Basketball since 1997 

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USCHoops Official NON-Candidates Board

The Do NOT Hire List

Note: The names you will hear early, usually because they are desperate for a better job

Kurt Rambis, TV commentator

Kurt RambisThe ESPN personality and former Laker fan favorite is nearly 100 games under .500 with a sub-.300 winning percentage as an NBA head coach; his college record in nonexistent with no discernible college ties for 33 years.


Reggie Theus, Head Coach, LA D-Fenders

Reggie TheusUnlike most NBA types on this list, Theus actually has extension college experience; unfortunately, he also has extensive experience dealing with the NCAA Infractions Committee.


Seth Greenberg, TV commentator

Seth GreenbergSince leaving Long Beach St. in the ’90s, Greenberg spent 16 seasons at South Florida and Virginia Tech. Total number of NCAA Tourney appearances in 16 season: ONE. There is a reason he’s a TV analyst now.


Brian Shaw, Assistant Coach, Indiana Pacers

Brian ShawBrian Shaw may one day end up that great NBA head coach that so many have speculated about for years; but with zero college experience since he left Santa Barbara as a student 25 years ago, there is no indication that Shaw is ready to identify, recruit and develop high school talent — i.e., 90% of what college coaching is about.


Mike Brown, Head Coach, Long Beach State

Mike BrownWhile also lacking any college coaching experience, Brown at least has proven at times to be a successful NBA coach. Unfortunately, that’s not going to mean a whole lot when he’s trying to develop 17 and 18 year old kids, to say nothing of recruit them.


Tony Bennett, Head Coach, Virginia

Tony BennettBennett’s is the only name of the list who has proven to be a truly successful college head coach. He’s also known for having very boring teams, which is not what USC needs right now.


Michael Cooper, Head Coach, Women of Troy

Michael CooperWhile his name may appear absurd now, just a few years ago many southern Californians would have been clamoring to make him SC’s head coach, for the simple reason that he was a Laker great now in coaching. Well, we can see just how meaningless that has proved to be for coaching in college.


Eric Musselman, Assistant Coach, Arizona State

Eric MusselmanThe son of a famous coach, Eric Musselman has the type of international coaching experience that might make him intriguing. But he’s better suited to an assistant job at this point. Maybe in a couple years.


Ernie Kent, TV commentator

Ernie KentKent’s teams lit up the conference for several years during the last decade. But he was fired after two poor seasons and personal scandals. Probably not the type of guy SC needs right now.


Herb Sendek, Head Coach, Arizona State

Herb SendekSendek is an above average coach who also plays a very boring brand of basketball. If SC doesn’t need Tony Bennett right now, it really doesn’t need a poor man’s Tony Bennett.

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