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  • Up Close & Personal

    I sat in Section 102 and was close to the action in both games.
    Obviously we came out firing on all cylinders in the home opener.
    This team is bigger, stronger, faster and plays with a chip on its shoulder.
    Which is awesome when you come in ranked #10 in the country.
    For starters I have been pleasantly surprised with one player in particular.
    Shaqquan Aaron.
    If he can continue to play hard, not force the shot and be a disruptor on D, we will be in business.
    He has shown me flashes in these 2 games of why he came in so highly regarded out of high school.
    Nice form on his jumper, love his razzle dazzle moves and his length.
    The second game was hard to watch.
    LIke another poster mentioned it was a lackluster effort.
    The energy was already low due to the small crowd.
    Then we preceded to miss our first 5 or 6 shots.
    Turnovers, the FT fiasco and a myriad of other mistakes nearly cost us the game.
    But like good teams will do we came back and got the W.
    Most of us knew how important JMac is to this team.
    Now as a senior, he is a god-send.
    With his leadership we can make it to the promised land.
    Just imagine for a second if this team had no JMac.
    That would be painful and our season would be an up and down roller coaster.
    Which takes me to Derryck Thornton.
    I love his game, his vibe and attitude.
    Doesn't get too high or low.
    A natural talent who will have a breakout game sooner rather than later.
    On a side note, I finally got rid of my Directv!!
    I just got tired of not having the PAC12 Network.
    Now with the Dish Network I will not miss one game of USC BB!!
    Even if I go to the Galen Center, I still record the game
    Finally, Happy Thanksgiving my brothers and sisters.

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    We know they can shoot, just a matter of time. On the directv, I am amazed after like what has it been maybe 8 years there are still people who would rather complain than switch. If you do not get pac12 you are not going to see many games


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      You can also use SlingTV to get Pac 12 Network. I still have DirecTV and have my ways of watching games

      Thanks for the post Eddie..hoping to make it to the A&M game to see this team for myself.