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  • Fans at Vandy

    Can’t wait for posts by SC fans that attended the game. Looks like we had a fair amount of fans in attendance. What a great game to attend in person. JMac was a stud. Looks like he has matured so much. Always made the right decision in crunch time.

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    when JMac hit that 3 to tie it. I swear I heard a lot of SC fans in the background.


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      One of the reasons you heard the SC fans is easly explained. My brother and I were seated in the first row, directly behind the SEC Network announcers and we were rather loud at times. We were right in middle of the Vandy Donor's section and we made it clear who we were rooting for, and that is putting it mildly. One guy was shocked that SC fans were able to land the seats we got. There was also a fairly reasonable number of SC fans scattered throughout the arena with some concentrated up behind the SC bench.

      Was a very enjoyable, although somewhat tense time. We got to meet Enfield' s mother in the hotel prior to the game, we met Elijah Stewart's Dad in the parking garage and my brother and I also got to meet and talk with Victor's American mother, a very nice woman who is very devoted and will try to make as many of the games as she can.

      As for the game itself, it is a very nice win. Forget about who had already beaten them. At home, they are tough. They are quite strong physically. They remind me of the most muscular and physical teams Stanford has had in the past. Both of the centers are quite strong and muscular. Several of the guard forward types are also muscled up.

      It was obviously a game of streaks. Near the end of the first half SC was down by ? 14 points and then in a matter of 2 -3 minutes. SC hit 5 quick 3 points and actually took a lead into halftime. This was a game during which the SC upper classmen dominated the scoring. To our eyes, the refs seemed to dish out some home cooking, but in the end SC prevailed. I thought the defense was a little lax and the rebounding was not strong enough, but in the end, SCleft with the W.

      The venue is rather unique and it is a good place to watch the game. Overall , being there was outstanding and I can't wait to see how things work out.

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        i was a few rows up behind the (vandy) basket. the fans were nice and the place was roughly 2/3 full (kids on break?) but man, the sound bounced off of those 4 concrete walls. it sounded like a full house on a few of the big vandy shots. as for sc representation, there was a nice spattering of us around the gym.

        very interesting arena to watch...and i'm sure...to play a basketball game. i thought it was pretty cool, certainly unique.

        good people, good times, great win.