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  • btw .... this is a MAJOR abuse of the federal statute by the feds

    Nothing new. US Attorneys' Offices and the FBI routinely use federal criminal statutes for their own purposes -- far beyond what Congress intended.

    This statute -- 18 USC 666 -- is designed to protect federal funds (in the form of grants, contracting fees, loans and the like) from bribery and kickbacks.

    Of course ... the USC Athletic Department is not federally funded. So no federal funds were implicated by the activity alleged here.

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    That is an excellent point.


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      A little more ....

      The statute -- 18 USC 666 -- applies to payment of $5K or more.

      There are three payments alleged in the Complaint.

      -- One in the amount of $13K which allegedly goes to Bland.

      -- A second in the amount of $4K which allegedly goes to (what appears to be) Melton's mom. NOTE: THIS PAYMENT IS NOT COVERED BY THE STATUTE. it was included in the indictment essentially to embarrass Bland.

      -- A third payment in the amount of exactly $5K which allegedly goes to the family member of some new player/recruit. This payment would only be covered if the fully $5K was actually paid. Literally one cent less, and it does NOT fall under the statute.


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        more ....

        this is from the legislative history of the statute:

        The Senate Report states that 18 U.S.C. ยง 666 was "designed to create new offenses to augment the ability of the United States to vindicate significant acts of theft, fraud, and bribery involving Federal monies that are disbursed to private organizations or state and local governments pursuant to a Federal program."


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          Editing a comment
          What are your thoughts Chase? Should we cut ties immediately?

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        Yes. We will need to cut ties. Bland will likely be suspended by the time he is out on bond.


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          If the money is paid back will eligibility be restored?