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  • Mizzou loses Michael Porter, Jr.

    Out for the season.

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    that is BRUTAL for mizzou. dad on staff, little brother re-classifies to play with mpj....this was supposed to be "the year" for mizzou. they were an 8-win team last year that landed arguably the best high school player in america and a top 5 class. cuonzo left cal for a reason. now...the promise of the season is darkened, remarkably.

    but more importantly, this is brutal for the kid. back surgery (reportedly microdiscectomy of his L3-L4 spinal disks) is no joke. obviously, we all hope that he fully recovers. as for his game, one year of college ball would have really helped him out. he's not *as* all-around ready as simmons was by most accounts and this one year could have helped him solidify the top spot over bagley. i dont see that happening now.

    also, michael porter really WANTED to go to college. he didnt want to be simmons or fultz. he wanted to "leave a legacy" (his words, not mine) at missouri. he wanted to win and play in the big dance. he wanted the college life and experience.

    “I want to be the best college player to ever play in college,” he added, “so I for sure want to be the best Mizzou player.”

    i harp on the preceding because this is all very interesting timing with all of the "one and done" talk. going to college for, essentially, three minutes of one game (how it will be painted by the opposition) is not going to bode well for the pro-college contingent. again, mpj was the bell cow in this issue: he was all about going to college for the experience and the education, regardless of graduating in the coming years. i wonder if he feels any differently now.

    the debate is really going to ratchet up ..... with ESPN naturally wetting their collective pants. it seemingly took a lot to get mpj to go to school (dad, brother, cuonzo, top 5 class) and i think a lot of high schoolers have taken notice. and they will DEFINITELY take notice of this injury.

    best of luck to mpj. he's a very good kid with a strong mindset and positive attitude so hopefully this will make him stronger in the end.

    fight on!
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