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  • This team is not hard to figure

    The Trojans will go exactly as far as the shooting takes it. This team has a nice mixture of length, experience and talent. It is not a physical team, does not board exceptionally well, and it does not play great defense. On the other hand, there are a number of guys who can shoot and score. Unfortunately, last night saw the improbable occur. All the shooters were horrible at the same time. This is not likely to occur often. At least I hope it does not happen often.

    I think the only guy whose game was quite possibly affected by A and M's size was Jordan Mac. He had more trouble than usual getting to the hoop and getting his short, off balance push shots to go. To a lesser extent, Jonah Matthews had a little trouble around the basket. But for the most part, guys just threw up enough bricks to build the next major project at SC. And most of those shots were of the wide open variety.

    I was the guy who was so worried about Rakocevic when he hurt his ankle. I actually feel that in his own way, he is as important to this team as most anyone and that includes Melton. Right now, SC simply has no height that can be counted on as backup help. Maybe Victor can become that guy, but not now, So if Bennie or Metu goes out with fouls or an injury, it is NIck or bust. He is tall, mobile and a pretty solid ball players. His experience from last season is invaluable. Jordan Usher appears to be a nice player, but he is not 6'9. He is 6 '7 at best and that means as a post player, or forward, he often gives up inside size.

    As for Melton, well, I will believe he plays again, exactly when I see it and not until. Exactly what has SC's athletic administration done in the last 10 years? to make anyone believe that this will end well? I hope it does, and I hope the kid is proven to be totally innocent and he gets his athletic life back. When my brother spoke to him in depth on the court at Vanderbilt, he thought he would be back already. The tragedy here is that once again, a kid is in the position of having to prove himself innocent. Exactly how can he do that? I don't know what the absolute best approach is, but I have no doubt that it simply won't go smoothly.

    I really like the squad, and I would love to see Andy Enfield employ alot of full court pressure. There are enough athletes to do just that. I won't hold my breath, as I doubt we will see that, but it could and likely would work well. But at the end of the day, I suspect that we will see this team go just exactly as far as the outside shot takes it. BTW, I am not complaining either. The team is talented and some of these kids can shoot. I just don't see a sudden change where SC becomes physical, pounds the ball inside and plays lights out , smothering , game long half court defense and rebounds lights out.

    It will be very interesting to see just how well SC shoots and scores for the rest of the season. MJD

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    Solid analysis. I want to add solid D and hustle by both Melton and Rak. Rak is an energizer and he showed us what he is capable of doing with his play against Providence in tourney last year. Melton is an elite defender, and our second leading rebounder last year. He is Mr. Everything and best freshman contributor we have in Coach Enfield era. This is why he is projected to be late first round pick in 2018 NBA draft.Melton will give the you a solid individual D, but more importantly team D to help both our PG and SF who are not great defenders. My sources said Melton will be back in January. So cannot wait for that. I'm not mad for the administration for waiting and taking time - better be really safe and 100% sure, than sorry. We play in tourney in March; not just to get an extra W in Nov and Dec. Love this team as well and so as our Coaching staff. We've come along way to having a solid foundation for our basketball program. Fight On!