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  • We are not a top 25 team

    USC better get Melton figured out ASAP before the whole season is gone anyways.

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    Just seen the final score. Very disheartening for a team to return two “NBA” quality players score only 55 points. Guess the scrimmage vs SDSU should’ve been taken more seriously amongst us...Oklahoma won’t be a walk in the park...


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      cj,we have looked awful but the "two NBA" players as you called them have been atrocious. The coaching has been lacking on both ends but these players think they are better then they actually are. First look at a shot,even if it's a terrible one,the ball goes up. Guys keep shooting jumpers when they can't shoot for crap. You would think that after missing just about every outside shot that they would work for better open looks. Nope. Our big guys are soft inside with lack of muscle and can't get easy hoops or draw fouls unless they are on a break. I didn't look at the shooting numbers but I am sure if you take out dunks or layups I would say we shot about 20% from the field.
      Very disappointing and I don't know how much a difference Melton may make? You would have thought that Boatwright and Metu would have been dominant this year. I thought so. Every team we play seem more physical then ours. We get beat on the boards by much smaller teams.


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        We have a lot of problems. Boatwright has been the worst player in college basketball the last two games. It also doesn't help that we had only one of three point guards (Fleming and Karis aside) and that Jordan traditionally struggles against super long teams. We need more dribble penetration from J-Mac to get our bigs touches. Elijah needs to shoot (and drive) way more.

        Melton will be essential. He would have given Milton hell today.

        We are clearly better than we've been the last two games. Still, what a deflating start to what looked like a really fun year.