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  • This team is bad!

    They only have 2 good players. JMac & Metu. Of course Melton but he may never see the floor. How Aaron & Boatwright and get as many minutes as they do is beyond me.If they don't have anyone on the bench that can't play over them tells you how bad this team is. Also, didn't realize KO has taken over as head coach because this team is starting to look like some of those KO teams. I like AE but tend to agree with TrojanMind this team is not well coached. This team should want to play fast but when you play zone its difficult. Not sure why this team doesn't play an aggressive man to man defense to speed up tempo. Maybe the players aren't good enough to play man or don't have the will to stay in front of their man. No idea. That Vanderbilt win is not as impressive of as it looks as they got destroyed by Virginia and Seton Hall. They were not even competitive. Chase's comment last week looks pretty accurate as USC is soon to be out of the Top 25 and may never whiff it the rest of the year. Setting up to be a very disappointing season.

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    swamdog, they are lousy man defenders. They constantly get beat off the dribble. Boatwright can't guard anyone. They had to go zone a lot tonight because their man defense was awful. Also, it's tough to play up tempo when you don't control the boards. Metu had four rebounds in 32 minutes tonight. Four of the five SMU starters(including guards) had more rebounds then him and the other SMU starter had the same 4 rebounds. This is an NBA player?


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      So far, the team has been playing really poorly. J-Mac is the only player that is showing improvement over last season. Silly turnovers and wasted possessions are really hurting the team. I'd say put the freshmen in more, but they often look lost out there like they don't know what to do. They had 17 TOs against SMU! If the team gets a good look at a 3, I'm fine with a miss because it was there. Too many times though, they would try to dribble into traffic and lose the ball or take an off balance low % shot. Just about everyone on the floor can knock down a jumper, so I don't know why they don't move it for something easier. If the team keeps playing dumb basketball, J-Mac will need to start demanding the ball so he can set something up, especially when the ball stops. Would like to see Thornton and J-Mac on the court together (when Thornton's shoulder is healed) so the team can run some offense without depending on J-Mac to have the ball. Bench was a net negative against SMU and with a team as deep as USC, that should never happen.