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  • This will probably be lambasted, but we played a pretty good second half

    With 16 minutes or so left, we were down 16 or more. From then on, we actually played like the team I have expected all season. I was in the stands and I actually saw some (gasp!) fight! It was a thing I've not been accustomed to this year. Now of course, there is no excuse for why we weren't playing like that from the start.

    Enfield deserves some scrutiny--I'm unsure how he's getting so little from a team with such impressive individual talent. Boatwright should be playing ten minutes a game tops until he starts playing better. Also, his attitude and sulking bring the whole team down. Criminal that he played the tail end of the second half.

    But aside from Bennie, we were pretty damn good. I also think we got a bit unlucky. They scored four points off un-intentional banks. A Young three and then a banked free throw. They also scored four points off airballed threes that turned into lay-ups. Of course, I'm sure we had some luck too--but all things considered, I actually felt like this was a USC team that fought and cared in the second half.

    Onwards and upwards.