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  • Slow pace of our offense

    Why has the pace slowed down so much. What made us so effective is our ability to push the ball. I really haven't seen that all season. I've watched this team sometimes play without effort which is scary in it self. We played three very good teams in a row and they all played with way more effort. I'm not a sky is falling type of guy but this team is to talented to be 4 and 3. 5-2, 6-1 I would get, but 4-3? Let's go squad. We have a lot of season left. Let's push the pace like we should be and play with more effort.

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    You can't really run if you don't play defense and rebound.


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      Offense has just looked horrid. So many isolation plays and post ups. I can't stand when Boatwright holds the ball at the top of the key and bring offense to screeching halt. Enfield needs to get these guys to make decisions and move the ball faster.

      I think real issue is Mclaughlin is only player who can break down defender off dribble and create opportunities. I thought Thornton would be able to do some of that but he hasn't been effective yet. Melton should help but that's not strength of his game either. We may need to get back to basics with a lot of J-Mac pick and roll with Metu rolling and shooters spotting up.


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        The last two posts are spot on.