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    Originally posted by wstrojan View Post
    couldn't disagree more on the DJ; he's great. The place is a morgue w/o him, he fires everyone up, plays music, etc.

    Do I wish we packed the place and didn't need a freaking DJ to create excitement? Yes. Is that realistic? Nope.
    The place would not be a morgue with this team if they got rid of the DJ and went back to relying the band and cheerleaders, which all SC fans at least have goodwill towards. It is a morgue now because the DJ alienates a good portion of the fans that can't stand him and find him condescending. Plus there is no incentive to make any noise when you have to compete with that deafening volume level. I've been going to the games steady since I was a student from 1988-92 and I know that when we have good teams there is some atmosphere from the crowd. And this is a good team. It would be a great opportunity to some more creative and fun stuff for the band that they could not do during football season. But as it is I can't imagine why any of the band members would even want to be part of the pep band when this guy literally cuts them off and talks over them when they play.

    I personally do not like the canned crappy pop music at sporting events, but I could live with it without the mic and sound effects. The giggling . . . the crying baby sounds when we foul . . . the reference to white players on the opposing teams noted above . . . and just the level of ignorance from him should be beneath USC but sadly it seems nobody in the athletic has enough taste.

    Until this DJ I never missed a game in favor of watching on TV but that is what i will be doing tonight.