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  • We can be blowing a great opportunity

    Yes this is redundant. But it does bare repeating. This is a golden opportunity for USC. I really believe that once CAE had enough time to bring in his players that we would hit the golden age of Trojan Basketball. Now this may still happen. However, it will take a concerted defensive effort on the part of the team and a return of Melton ASAP. I watched Cincinnati dismantle Ucla and we have similar if not better talent. Long and athletic players.

    However this window of opportunity will close quickly if ucla gets rid of Alford after the season. Alford may even just leave like he did when he was at Iowa. If Ucla gets Hurley or Utah’s Coach K or God forbid Donovan, we long suffering b-ball fans will look at this as the biggest blown opportunity since we missed our on Lute Olson in the mid 1980s.

    Hoping that a stunning turnaround happens.