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  • Our biggest issue under Enfield...

    always has been defense. Fix it, Andy, or you won't be at SC much longer.

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    Can't fix what isn't being taught. Here's what he does teach - regardless of what offensive set is called, if you have a good shot, take it! He also prefers his team to play an up-tempo style of basketball but he doesn't put much emphasis on rebounding. Can't go out and run and play fast if you aren't rebounding.....


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      Princeton scored 52 points against Miami, but 83 vs SC


      • Section118
        Section118 commented
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        Princeton goes 8-32 on 3s against Miami and 14-37 against USC. It is it all defense, Princeton was making some unrealistic shots. It happens. You play a small school who is hitting 3s and you are screwed most times

      • TrojanMindSC
        TrojanMindSC commented
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        If Princeton was the only small school that had an amazing game from 3-point land against USC, it would be one thing, but we've seen this consistently.

        USC plays awful defense. It is really that simple.