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  • Best effort of the season in the 2H vs Akron

    Very impressed, where did this come from? They forced turnovers, closed out on defense and went on a 24-2 run to wind up beating Akron by 31 points after being down 4 after the 1H. Now let's go beat Middle Tennessee State!

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    Yep--the season is not lost. But we better keep playing like we did tonight. Great effort.


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      Giddy and his Potts are next.


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        USC's a really streaky team.

        1st Half:
        3/12 (25%) from 3
        8 turnovers

        2nd Half:
        7/11(64%) from 3
        3 turnovers
        Akron went cold so there were a lot more transition bucket opportunities too

        Bottom line, when the team can't hit 3s and commits a bunch of dumb turnovers, it's hard to win.


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          Love the intensity of Usher! 100% all the time


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            cabrillojaguar Where did this come from ? ... I think in the 2nd half our players executed our game plan defensively and offensively .. I know Coaches gets blamed most of the time when team lose a game, but in the end players play the game. So I give players credit for the turn-around. We just need our guys to be consistent. Usher is looking and growing like "Melton" in terms of his intensity defensively and energy. If channeled correctly with discpline, he will be a great contributor as a freshman like Melton was. We really need Usher to step up big time now that Melton is ineligible. And also I don't expect much from S. Aaron- he is playing like a freshman, and does not have a good feel for the game at all. Hope Obanon gets some confidence, and get.into rotation for small but solid spot minutes later in the season.

            Let us keep supporting our team. Fight On!


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              Cabrillo I agree with you. Basketball is really simple...make shots..limit TOs...and now you feel like playing D with more effort. It also helps that the Zips didn't shoot well in the 2nd half...