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  • We need our BIGs to actually play like BIG down low

    All our bigs except Metu, seem more comfortable playing away from the rim.

    Even against Princetons and other teams smaller front court players, their centers forwards out positioned us, they played fundamentally sound BB in the low post. Beating us to spots and outrebounding our bigs. We have 3 and 4 inches on
    Even though taller , they dont box out, dont use their butt to fight for rebound position

    Thus we dont get defensive rebounds or offensive rebounds fo rthat matter.

    If they do get a rebound , they throw up some of the most awkward off balanced shots imaginable.

    If our bigs played like BIGs in the low post, they would play stellar defense, block shots, fight for and deny position down low, and get position for rebounds, and they would have also should have an array of down low post moves. Other tan Metu I dont see it.

    Boatright is an amazing out side shooter , but when he tries to take it to the basket or he rebounds and tries to take it back up, he looks very uncoordinated. Same with Rakicevik . I thought I would see magor improvement in Boatrights game this year ,, he seems content to play like a small forward 2 guard and just chuck shots from deep. He needs to be able to post his man down low and take it to the basket , step back for a jumper, kinda like Tim Duncan. Pau Gaol , Durant, Bird, Walton, Bagley, Is there a coach who can teach these players how to play down low in the post to complete their game.

    USC even with taller players struggle against teams with shorter strong post players.

    Defensively our bigs need to over play some of these kids to their strong hand, if right handed cheat a little to the their right, force them to go left agasint their strengths to shoot.
    We are talking fundamentals here.

    If Melton was 6-8 he would be an animal down low because he is sound.

    We need to have a balanced roster with bigs like Onyeka Okongwu 6-8 235 , he want rebounds , he will fight you down low for position, he wants the ball in the post can make quick moves for a lay in, short jump shot, will play great defense, will fight for rebounds, can hit the outside shot.

    Metu has improved his overall game no complaints. Cant do it all by himself.

    What hurts this team so much is not having Melton. He makes everyone around him better. He shuts down opposing teams best offensive player. Defensively he makes steals applies pressure, is a disrupter, makes shots , makes freethrows, gets fouled, take spressure off the other players.
    His defense in the middle, his rebounding, and driving and passing

    I think these kids need to be coached up to play down low to imprve their overall game. Boatright will fail in the NBA if he cant play down low on defense when he needs to. Need to have a complete game, see Bagleys game. Does it all. sorry for this long post was on my mind for a while.
    Hopefully Melton comes back, its a crime what they are doin g to him.
    Fight on! Hoping for the best!

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    Good post but disagree on a couple of points. Metu,IMO, also prefers to hoist up jumpers and play away from the rim. He is far from a physical presence on the interior. Also, Boatwright is "an amazing outside shooter"? He's shooting about 40% from the field and a very putrid 30% from the three point line. Those are awful numbers for a player about 6-10. I believe Bennie believes he is an amazing shooter and that's why he hoists up so many poor shots. Both of these players are poor defenders and rebounders for their size.


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      Rak plays well inside. Just needs to add some beef. BB is a terrible shooter this year. He ain’t going to the NBA.


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        I really love Metu and Rak front court. Rak loves to play more inside and is more willing defender and rebounder. Metu can play inside at times but uses his atheleticism to get his points, mid range jumpshots and added 3 range from time to time. But we are limited defensively and rebounding with 1, 2, 3 position with Matthews, Stewart and McLaughlin. Matthews has great potential to be a 2 way player. Bennie is bennie bucket. He really needs to be a more efficient scorer and focus a little more on defense and rebounding for a big. I also hope Meltom comes back later in the season. He is our second leading rebounder last year, plus steals, assist, scoring efficieny and all around game. Hope the kids continue to Fight On! I really believe they will😄.


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          You are right about our bigs not fighting for low post position. The only time i see them doing this is when the opponent is shooting fts...but wait...we already have inside position. Actually the one player who I see constantly fighting for position is Usher. I think this is a result of all our coaches being guards in their respective playing careers. I've always maintained that we need a BIG MAN coach. Someone who was a big man when he played. He might bring a different mentality to our bigs..


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            Valid points Marty
            I was thinking boatright is in a slump , last year he showed flashes of being an exceptional shooter . This year , more like woeful shooter

            agree with you on Metu , he plays more like a small forward , in the nba that’s where he can play. He doesn’t fight for position down low

            rakw care