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  • Best game we've played all season

    Great effort all around (well mostly all around). Couple things:

    1. At this point, Usher probably needs to start. Like Melton last year, he brings a lot of little things to the table that don't necessarily show up in the box score. He's in the right position for rebounds, boxes out, plays hard and with intensity on defense. The team just plays better with him in there, because those little things seem to be what they need to get going. It illustrates for me how much Melton is missed.

    2. Was nice to see Elijah really dig down and show his stuff finally. Almost as if he needed his manhood challenged a bit, and he responded nicely. He's showed he can be more than a one-dimensional volume scorer. He was salty out there. About time.

    3. Best defensive showing of the year as well, especially in the second half.

    4. I'm not ready to give up on the season just yet. This is not USC football, with an amazing tradition and built-in advantages both mentally and physically. This is a program that has a lot to overcome and, most likely, it's never going to be easy sailing. Such is the fate of a USC basketball fan and this, perhaps, is the lesson of the year so far. But, this IS a talented team, for all its faults, and if they can get some of these guys back and find a way to mix everyone in, while some of these younger guys keep developing, then it has a chance to be a good team and go on a run. Of course, we're going to need some luck at this point and it would be nice if people stopped getting hurt, suspended, ejected, etc.

    5. The season has not been fun this year so far, but this was a fun game. Hopefully the fellas can carry that over into tomorrow.

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    100% agree on Usher starting....or at least playing a lot.


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      I think the team as whole responded to being challenged last night. That Akron team was a bunch of punks that wanted to play a chippy game. Instead of letting them push us around we fought back which was great to see. There was a fire in them tonight I hadn’t seen all season long.


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        Great effort by the team