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  • Another good win

    Good to see this team playing with a sense of urgency in back to back games. This is one of those gut check wins that can help build momentum.

    1. This is Aaron's best game since his explosion against UCLA last year and maybe his best all around game as a Trojan. He's finally using his length and his vision to play within himself and, of course, that is translating to a more confident player and quality output. Way to go Shaq!

    2. Boatwright can be a frustrating player, but he dug down and overcame himself in this one. Hopefully, he has his confidence back (but not too much, if you know what I mean). With is length and size and streakiness, we're going to need him to help win games and he can't do that if he feels too down on himself.

    3. Really need Matthews to be ready to go tomorrow. I don't think JMac can go another 40 minutes (although we will have more rest time before the game than the team we play).

    4. The refs really took over the game in spots, which just reminds me why college basketball is so tough to watch sometimes.

    5. Getting Thornton and (hopefully, fingers still crossed) Melton back at some point is going to make a huge difference to this team, especially now that Usher has emerged as a blue collar catalyst.