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  • Perspective

    For those of you who were ready to write off the season a week ago, I wonder your thoughts today. I'm guessing none of you have played the sport on a competitive level.

    Is the team flawed? Hell yeah. However, this team is still gelling. They had planned to enter the season with a healthy Thornton and an eligible Melton. I'm seeing our weaknesses after 13 games: When Metu gets muscled (like today), he tends to disappear. The team gives up too many offensive rebounds. The team also does not play any quality weakside defense. Ball-you-man seems foreign to them (which probably explains all the offensive rebounds they give up, too) And Bennie... well, we see how valuable he is when he's on. But when he's off?... he needs to find other ways to contribute.

    Bottom line is that as I said a month ago, basketball is a looooooong season. Hell - when I played high school ball I started my 11th grade year on JV's and by the end of the season I was a starter on varsity in the state championship. That team was 0-4, then went something like 20-2. We were blown out in our third game by 20 points. We played the same team in the state semis and won by 10. Perspective.

    This team may not reach theirs and our expectations, but to give up on them after eight or nine games shows a lack of understanding in how much a team can change and develop... or even fall apart, depending upon their intestinal fortitude and desire to win. With all the come-from-behind victories from last year, I'll tend to believe they have that edge.

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    Great post. People forget that, whatever their faults, this is a veteran, accomplished team. They got in a funk, yes, and some weird things affected them once the season got underway (Bland gone, Melton gone, Thornton hurt, Matthews injured, etc.) but there is time to work this stuff out.

    I think the 2000-2001 season is a bit worth remembering. Amazing starting five that sort of underperformed in the regular season, in part because Trepagnier missed half the year due to suspension. But once they got him back, things gelled just in time for the tournament. You all know the rest of the story that year.

    I don't know if Melton comes back or not, but if he does, this is going to be an amazing fucking team come tournament time (despite what that ignoramus on ESPN seems to think).