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  • Its time to blow it up. And yes the season is over!

    When you have a bunch of prima donna's it is hard to win a team game. When you have a coaching staff that gets out-coached pretty much every game. When you have a team that gives up nearly 70% from the field on defense. Yes 70%. Is that even possible. 70%. 70%. Still can't believe that. Don't think I have ever seen that. AE's lucky USC accepts mediocrity in basketball because 70% is grounds for any coach to get fired. This team is just sad. Since AE ain't going nowhere it is time to play the youngsters. Let Boatwright, Metu, Stewart & Aaron play about 15 to 20 minutes a game to see if they can improve their NBA stock or professional career. After that the rest of the minutes should be distributed between Usher, Victor, O'Bannon, Rak, Matthews, & Thornton. And obviously let Jmac play as much as he wants.