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  • Bennie says....."We going to play pissed off going forward"

    HAHAHA. Guess the 1st conference home game of the year was enough motivation.

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    and this wasn't said after the Oklahoma game or at least the Princeton game.

    reminds me of one ucla football player who promised they wouldn't lose another game that season - they lost four more that season.


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      The ONLY THING that matters with this Trojan Basketball team is how they shoot. If they hit the shots, they usually win and when they shoot poorly they lose. Unfortunately, they often shoot poorly. It sounds like a broken record, but that does not negate this reality. This team rarely wins due to superior strategy during the game. They rarely win by outmuscling the opponent, if ever--at least when they play Major D 1 teams and sometimes not so major D1 teams. They rarely win by playing stellar defense for the entire game. They do often win when they shoot well.

      I was hoping to see a tough pressing defense with guys coming in off the bench and staying fresh. Without Thornton and Melton, ( as I stated previously, I will be very surprised to see him play for SC again), the depth in the backcourt is not good, and McLaughlin is already worn down, so the pressing is not likely to occur. This team always, and I mean always gets muscled inside and the inside defense is simply ineffective. I have to wonder how many opposing inside players have season highs against USC.

      So, it comes down to SC and shooting. That is not a pleasant thought, since this team is not consistently good from the field, particularly from the 3 point range.


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        Mary said the preseason scrimmage beat down by San Diego State meant nothing ....oh really?


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          Michael you are 100% correct. On another thread you mentioned the Football team. Basketball & Football are mirror images. Both "SOFT". Helton promised physicality and it is far from physical. He is failing to deliver and until USC goes back under center and runs Student Body Right/Left, Play Action the offense will look just like the Basketball team. Ah so pretty against inferior competition but when either gets hit in the mouth they have no clue how to respond. Something to that point AE's road record in the Pac-12 in the 4 1/2 years since taking over is a whopping 6-30. Of the 6 road wins only 2 would you say were ok. The win at UCLA 2 years ago but of course UCLA was terrible 2 years ago and against a medicor Colorado team last year. Not only that but most of the losses on the road were complete blowouts. In 4 1/2 years AE has won one game that you would say was an upset, the 4OT game against Arizona 2 years ago.