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  • Yahoo: USC Basketball season teetering on the brink of disaster


    Can always count on an article from Yahoo to kick our program into the ground. & for those suggesting why they don’t play man to man defense, check out how well Washington shot in the 2H after CAE made the switch. Very telling things, and CAE was not shy to criticize his players..

    ”“I usually take the blame for losses, and obviously every game goes on my record as a head coach,” Enfield said. “But tonight, I was very disappointed in some of our upperclassmen defensively. You can blame me for not motivating them or getting them to play up to their capability. They have to go home and look in the mirror and come back and play better basketball if we’re going to have a chance to win games in this league.”

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    Very honest article. And I think it’s completely fair for AE to call out his upperclassmen. He’s got to send a message and sit those that aren’t giving the effort on the defensive end.


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      Article hits it on the head. Chase was on to something early on. I felt similar to him about something not looking right but I let it play out a couple of more games. This team is pretty much unwatchable. If this team is incapable of playing defense than AE should just let them play like the LMU /KImble/Gathers teams.


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        I was watching post-game press conference with CAE after Princeton and he made a comment that there are only so many individual defensive drills they could run and in the end, it is up to the players.

        Unfortunately this comment just proved to me that he doesn't understand the great defenses aren't about individuals, but about collective, cohesive units.


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          sounds to me that this story was right on
          wut u say MARY?