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  • Parking when Rams have an afternoon game?

    Sorry for another dumb newbie question but first time attending in about a decade. With the Rams kick-off at 1:25 any suggestions on parking? I'm assuming the parking structures near Galen should have open spots by 5:30. Hoping for a blow-out in the Rams game with everyone leaving early.

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    Actually, got this from stubhub:

    Due to street closures around the Coliseum and Galen Center, parking for
    the men's basketball game will only be available in the USC Shrine Lot and
    Royal Structure. Which can both can be accessed via Jefferson Blvd. Parking
    will NOT be available in the McCarthy Way and Figueroa Street structures.

    The Rams game is already over so hopefully traffic will be mostly cleared out by the time our game starts.


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      For free parking, there is usually space near 32nd and Royal, especially when classes aren't in session. That area is Troy and Troy East housing, and it's only a 3 minute walk from Galen. After graduating, I tend to go to there. For football, Ellendale is the place to go. If you don't mind a longer walk, there's also plenty of street parking passing Adams.

      Also c'mon, Metu, you just don't do that...
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