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    Originally posted by Marty46r View Post
    JuiceNewton, this is not the first incident with Metu. ALL college players are about 20 years old. I have seen thousands of basketball games and I have never seen something like what Metu did. NEVER!! He is an embarrassment!
    Unfortunately I have and it was a USC player, Leonard Washington who oddly enough also wore number 4 who delivered a blow to the nads on Blake Griffin of Oklahoma. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/videos/us...blow/80458145/

    Washington acted innocent as well, to which Tim Floyd commented, “well he’s a freshman, he doesn’t know we record everything”.

    Not something you expect from a junior captain, or anyone for that matter. Hopefully he learns from this and comes back stronger and more mature.


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      Holy Smokes!1 Zeke,you are right. I do recall that. I also recall that there was definitely something not right about Washington also. Maybe it would be a good idea for opponents to wear cups against us. Having two players that have done this could be perceived as a pattern.LOL. Really incredible.