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  • Three observations from the WSU game

    First, Usher plays the way USC is supposed to play. He plays fast and hard, and if you want to be a team that gets good shots early you have to play hard on defense and fast in transition. One of SC's issues is their defense does not match what they are trying to do on offense. Can't let teams shoot 60+ percent and expect to win if you then shoot early in the shot clock. Besides JMac, Usher and Mathews look to be the two other players that get that.

    Second, the defense was miles better than it has been, but is only a stepping stone to where it needs to be.

    Third, with 2:42 left in the first half I saw Bennie whiff on three straight off ball screens. He set the screens, directed the play and then literally didn't touch the three WSU players he was supposed to screen. I then watched him the rest of the game, and he didn't touch another WSU player he was setting a screen on. My question: is that by design? If it is you have one of your best shooters not getting knocked around, but it is a big break for the defense. If not, then he needs to start actually setting real screens, or give up minutes as the 4.

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    I didn't see the game, but an effective screen is as much on the screener as it is on the player benefiting from the screen. Whether it is on-ball or off-ball, the person whose man is being screened needs to direct their man into it. Drives me crazy when I see players not utilize a screen properly.


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      We are about as poor a team as I have seen setting and using solid screens. This team has too many players who just rather shoot. Solid picks on and away from the ball causes spacing and mismatches that you want to have to succeed in a halfcourt offense.