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  • Why are Rakocevic and Usher improving so much faster than the other players?

    I get it that projection of high school talent to college is a challenge (even when you are pulling in 4 and 5 star recruits) but I look at both Rakocevic and Usher who are getting much better as the season progresses and wondering why everyone else isn't. Some of our "stars", esp Boatwright, Stewart and Metu, haven't played to expectations this year (yes I know Boatwright has had a few nice games- esp in Hawaii, and I remember Stewart's shot to beat SMU in the NCAAs last year but still). Jmac, Melton and Matthews were highly recruited and have (or had) improved in their time under CAE.

    Are Rak and Usher just getting better because of age and experience, are they a better fit for CAE's system or are they more coachable than some of our more highly rated recruits? I'm not trying to throw the other players under the bus but Aaron is a good example of a player who I thought would get much better and really thrive here (other than the UCLA game last year he has not dominated like we thought he could have). Even ignoring Metu's WSU antics, he's been a "nice" player this year, but certainly not dominant like I thought he might have been.

    I guess what I'm wondering is if CAE is sort of an "anti-Calipari", struggling to work the superstars into a team but able to get hard working 3 and 4 star players to form a formidable team. CAE is young and never had many superstars at FGCU (or FSU for that matter) so maybe he'll improve on this front. Just curious what others think.

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    Perhaps the areas that Boatwright, Metu and Stewart have left to improve most (ball handling, defensive stance, team defense, physical rebounding) are not areas that CAE emphasizes.

    Rak and Usher brought more of those skills themselves, and CAE is helping them improve other areas, so they are becoming better all-around players.

    Perhaps CAE "should" focus on recruiting Raks and Ushers, rather than the other types.


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      My guess would be that Usher and Nic fit more of the FGCU model of player. They play without fear and get up and down the court. Bennie, Metu, Stewert are more finesse players. When they do decide to play with more aggression, SC is a much better team.


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        Bennie,Metu,and Stewart are just really poor defensively. No way to sugarcoat it. These three love scoring the basketball,not much else.