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  • So I watched the press conference

    I thought CAE handled it very well. He was very disciplined on the message, and that message was it is all about the players.. how hard they work and what great kids they are. When it came to are all players available, and will they be, there was no hedging, which was the most interesting thing.

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    He did hedge. He said, “as of now”, which is true. There’s no harm in letting them practice. It’s playing in a game that matters.


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      Is the press conference available to view anywhere?


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        From Chase: Gents, as a reminder, you can embed videos using the functions available for the message box.

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          Thanks for posting. JMac and Metu are good kids. They deserve a championship type season with a championship type atmosphere at Galen for every game. We need to support this team more than ever before.