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    USC to the tournament? Sure...as long as they win the pac-12 conference tournament. Other than that????? Um no. This team will be lucky to get 20 wins and it'll likely end the season with zero quality wins.

    Biggest disappointment in SC history.

    1 step forward, 5 steps back. That's SC basketball.


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      Originally posted by FightOn6665 View Post
      This board is brutal. How about really tough loss for our kids and great fight in a game we should have won, and then almost lost giving up the lead late, and almost won again by J-Mac's layup and then tough buzzer beater to eventually lose the game. I love everyone's passion esp Cabrillo (and the usual suspects), but I respectfully disagree. And I hope the team don't feel the way you do that the season is over. Yes, we could be 3-1 but we are 2-2. And I can say with that record, and the way we are playing, the season is not over. We showed great fight last night, and it was heartbreaking to lose a game that way. And while these games are very important, the season is not decided in first week of January. Yes we need to continue to improve - individual and collective team play, and coaching. But for now, they are still lot of games to be played. Fight On!
      Totally agree with you 6665. It does appear that we are in the minority around here, but we do think alike -- glass half full-type people (well, at least when it comes to SC basketball, not so much for SC football for me - LOL). There's no question that our hoops team has not lived up to expectations and all the preseason hype. And for that, I am disappointed like others are on this board. But I also like to keep things in perspective, and perhaps my perspective is colored by living through some really dark years of SC basketball -- do you guys remember the Charlie Parker, Jim Saia, Kevin O'Neill, and Bob Cantu years? Yikes! We are light years ahead of those dark times, even though, yes, this year's team with its talent is underachieving, all to our disappointment. Faced with such disappointment, however, where is the "Fight On" that is (or should be) ingrained in all of us Trojans? Would the players want us to give up on them (and the season) just because the team is not playing well (enough) or should be playing better? I don't believe so.

      Far be it from me to endorse ex-football head coach Steve Sarkisian but, strangely, his infamous remarks at this rally seem quite fitting for all the negativity -- or, at the very least for some levity -- around here.

      Fight (the F) On, Brothers!!!


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        Wonder how many more losses would it take to convert the naysayers?

        Also someone pointed out Kevin O'Neill. O'Neill never had nowhere near the talent that Enfield has (Jio Fontan) yet that 2009-2010 defense was pretty badass.