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  • Wish we could get Melton back his skills complete this team IMO

    Wish we could get Melton back this team could be special with him. He adds so much defensively , offensively athletically.

    What is his status? What is USC doing to help this innocent kid get back on the floor to pursue his dream.?

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    I’m ashamed to be an alumnus of USC given the way this kid is being treated. This is an administration that tolerated a medical school dean that used SC to engage in a variety of illegal acts - a reprimand here, a reprimand there. Nikitas should have been shown the door. Now they are doing their best to destroy this kids life despite the fact he has not been shown to have done anything wrong. I hope Melton and his lawyer are able to figure a way to take this University to the cleaners in court. Trojan family? Hasn’t been the same since Nikitas arrived and got worse after he installed the failed Senate candidate from Pennsylvania as AD.