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  • So watched the replay of the last 10 minutes of Sunday night's game....

    I'm a glutton for punishment. Anyways with 10:35 USC went up 15 on a Metu dunk. From then on was probably the worst 10 minute+ of USC basketball I have ever seen. Somebody was right about Stewart was the start of the disaster with a airball 3 and a travel on the next possession. Of course he was far from the only one to get into the act. Metu had an offensive charge along with turning over a sure layup. Mathews lost control of the ball on a drive and got the ball swatted in his face. Not only that, he had a sure defensive rebound and instead of grabbing it he swatted it to a Stanford player which of course turned into a layup. Boatwright did his typical catch and fire on several occasions and of course not one resulting in points. Surprisingly, even Jmac got in on the act with a brick 3 and a turnover. To go along with all of the great execution on offense was the matador defense put up by Boatwright & Metu. Not sure if the Stanford players had the plague but Boatwright & Metu made sure they had a free lane to the basket. Not sure if anyone realizes but USC scored 6 points(3 buckets) from the 10:35 mark till Jmac's layup with a second to go. All 3 buckets were from Metu(a dunk, layup, & 5 ft floater) pretty much all set up by Jmac. That's it, 3 buckets against Stanford's vaunted defense to go along with our stifling defense you have a 10 minute+ stretch of some of the worst basketball imaginable.

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    Yeah, Murphy's Law at its finest on display. As is often the case, USC is its own worst enemy. Can't expect to win being that careless with the ball.

    Credit to Stanford for not giving up and putting itself in a position to win on a prayer shot. Not one Trojan stopping/guarding ball with less than 2 seconds left on the clock (J-Mac gets an excuse being on the floor after his last second layup) was just icing on the cake.