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  • Thank you Jordan Mac

    Just played a great game. Terrific pressure on defense, getting two steals and responsible for a couple of others while shooting 6-8(4-4 from 3)from the field,5 rebounds(as many as Boatwright AND Stewart together),3 assists. Without Jordan,we lose this game. Also,kudos to Metu who shot a horrid 3-13 from the field but didn't let it affect his game in all other aspects ,,13 rebounds,6 blocks and 8-8 from the foul line. I wish someone would teach him to pump fake down low. Thornton played his best game,by far, but he appears to be a better player when he doesn't try to shoot from the outside. Let's beat Utah! Fight On!

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    Was coming here to start a JMAC appreciation thread. Glad someone beat me to it. He was nails tonight.


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      Agree! JMac does so many things for this team (scary to think where we would be without him). Thank you and Fight On!!!


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        JMac is the man. I will miss his leadership and poise very much in years to come. Was listening to his interview after the game on the radio, while driving home from the game with my son, and heard him mention that he wants to get into coaching later on. Wouldn't he be a great one to have on staff??