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  • Very solid defense in the 2nd half.

    Probably the best half of defense this team has played all year. The players were paying attention to detail and making sure to take away Colorado 3-pt shooters. If you saw the body language of the Colorado players you could tell we took the heart out of them. The 2nd half was actually enjoyable to watch. The way Thornton, Usher, and Jmac disrupted their offense was impressive. And Metu protecting the rim is what I'm talking about. Now can they just play this hard every game???? It will be amazing what the results might look like if they did.
    On a side note: The ending of the game was odd. AE calling a timeout with 20 seconds and running a play for Metu. Obviously, he wasn't happy with Boyle's comments.

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    Good post. We shot poorly but played pretty well.

    Tad Boyle has a habit of running off at the mouth when not in possession of the facts.(Similar to a lot of guys on the internet.)

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