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  • Official Statement from USC on Melton is HIGHLY Improper

    Here it is: http://usctrojans.com/news/2018/1/11...18-season.aspx

    Based on information discovered through its internal investigation regarding the receipt of extra benefits, primarily to a close family friend of De'Anthony Melton, USC has concluded that De'Anthony will not compete with the USC men's basketball team in the 2017-18 season.

    De'Anthony is a valued member of our program. He will have options for his future at USC, including remaining in school on scholarship while continuing to work on his degree and practicing with the team, and potentially compete for the Trojans in the 2018-19 season.

    This is so batshit crazy, I'm having troubling believing this, notwithstanding the utter incompetence we've seen the last decade or so.

    So, even though it's unclear if Melton himself received any extra benefits, the Compliance Department, on its own, has decided to rule him ineligible for an entire season, without even checking with the NCAA?????
    W T F

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    “They’re thinking that keeping him out for the season should be more than enough to allow him to regain eligibility for the coming season,” Podberesky said.

    What a load of crap!!! Hey,the fn school puts up with a drug addict dean with a hooker girlfriend and then replaces him with a guy who has a history of sexual harassment and tries to hide everything under the rug for as long as it can? Then it throws an innocent kid under the bus? "Trojan Family"? This is PATHETIC! DISGUSTING!


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      NCAA whipping post now, no two ways about it.


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        Melton is not coming back.


        • USCJohnMac
          USCJohnMac commented
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          Why would he, particularly when SC has not said that he would be eligible!

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        Chimezie Metu™ @Chimezie_Metu

        Punishing innocent ppl...I see what y'all on now @USC_Athletics

        Chimezie Metu™ @Chimezie_Metu

        "He didn't do anything wrong but let's suspend him bc we're selfish and have to protect our image" ...makes sense


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          thanks alot tony bland..........


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            I can't see him returning to the team next season. He will declare for the NBA draft.


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              I am still not even sure his family friend receiving a benefit is even an NCAA violation.

              Would it be a violation if his best friend received money to try and steer him? What about if his mother's brother's friend received money to influence the brother who would then influence the mother?

              Where do we draw the line?