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  • you know what..... F Enfield

    back to back chokejobs
    lost @ ASU last year in almost identical fashion not scoring a point in the final minutes too

    the guy has reached his limits and is a proven loser of games that should be out of reach for the opponent
    you can fill up a sizable list of defeats that should have been impossible in his tenure

    the melton excuse coming out of his mouth is idiotic
    just get the F out sick of him being a passive loser in crunch time and his players taking that attitude
    the pac12 is full of halfbrained losers and Enfield has played down to their level

  • #2
    Enfield has been great getting us from kevin O'Neil to the brink of three straight tourneys he has recruited well. but to become the sweet 16 elite 8 program we want to be he is not the guy, tonight has proven he hasn't learned anything from last years meltdowns or the year before that. I knew we were gonna blow it with 2:30 left it was obvious. We almost blew it against Stanford at home