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    I would strongly enourage anyone on Chris Swanson and Adam Maya’s rivals site to cancel their membership.

    I won a USC Football prediction contest (predicted it better than Chris Swanson). They refused to give me my (lame) prize for reasons I can’t understand and when I asked them what was going on they offered a lame excuse that made no sense. When I pointed out they should honor their commitments and demonstrated why they were obviously wrong they deleted all of my posts and any posts others wrote in support of me. When I pointed out they had deleted my posts they banned me.

    Just passing it along. Not a group of guys I would ever do business with again.

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    That is terrible. 😞


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      USC rivals is still alive?


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        I was a paying member for 10 years. Just putting the word out. Just a completely unacceptable business practice. Swanson is a total clown. Maybe they just got pissed I had a perfect scorecard and didn’t want to advertise it (since swanson didn’t) so they found a loophole that made no sense. When I pointed out that it made no sense they just deleted everything. When I pointed out that they had deleted everything they banned me.

        No refund. No prize. Nothing.

        Completely unacceptable. I’m gonna make sure word gets out. A nice distraction from today’s debacle.
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