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    Good to see Bennie get his shot going. Rak is growing into a good consistent big man right before our eyes. Frustrating loss but you can’t fault the effort. Let’s zone Zona and get a split!


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    The most frustrating thing about the losses, is that they’re all the same issues we’ve had not just this season but in previous years as well - closing games out, closing out on jump shots, not hustling for the 50/50 loose balls and becoming stagnant on offense in crucial situations. Like it’s been mentioned on this board, this team just might not have IT. As a group, this team is very talented and apparently as talented of a team in program history. However, there are serious discrepancies that have prevented this team from separating itself from mediocrity. Got to close games out & go for the jugular in order to be known/recognized as an elite program.


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      Agree with both above. Bennie got it going, Rako played well, Thornton hit a big shot, Aaron did too, and JMac maybe not up to par, we all expected more from him at crunch time. But Matthews was really on a roll but could not play D w/o fouling! If he stays in the game I think we win.
      And yes we played hard even with the TOs, ASU played the same way, sloppy and hard. We cannot seen to close out games. JMac sometimes looks like he's on an island alone. Maybe we are not that good. Talent and effort is there, but......


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        Stop trying to run out the clock with JMac dribbling and everyone standing around. We can't run out the clock, we've tried, lol. Move! Set screens, run the offense and get the ball inside to Rako, my favorite player.

        When Metu gets the ball under the basket with three defenders on him--don't dribble, they will take it away. Head fake, go up strong, get fouled, he's a good free-throw shooter.

        Bennie and Stewart can create the 5-foot jumper as well as shooting threes, ease up on that short jumper.

        Don't force passes or take crazy unbalanced, out-of-control shots--know where your teammates are when you drive to the hoop in case you get cut off--someone's open, there's two people guarding you.

        On defense, don't reach and swipe, move your feet, bend your knees, contest the threes, get a hand in their face, don't foul.

        If we do all that we'll win the national championship, lol. Actually, any team in the country is beatable this year.

        USC 77 Arizona 76