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  • Game Tonight - Predictions

    Alrighty, so we've all had 36+ hours to process the ASU debacle. How are we all feeling about tonight's game? Line has moved up to -6.5 for Arizona.

    My prediction - 80 to 86 Arizona (BOO!)

    I'm worried about Metu vs. Ayton and I think its highly unlikely Arizona gets swept at home.

    I seriously hope the team plays to their potential and proves me wrong.


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    I predict we'll be in the game. We've been in every game for months. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we won.


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      USC 77 Arizona 76 (USC+6 Under 154.5) and just for fun ASU blows out UCLA


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        I'm fairly certain we're the better team but on the road against a much better coached team I can't see us winning.


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          Wow, finally Thornton is starting. We play tough but lose a close one. Both teams feel like it’s a must win game.


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            It’s about time we win a close one we need. We’re due - damn it.


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              Bennie came in and we were down by 2. MY GIRLFRIEND then said, “whelp, get ready to be down by 10 in five minutes.”

              We’re now down 52-59 three minutes later.


              • FightOn6665
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                Girlfriend/wife always right hahahah✌

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              Our player development has been pretty good. But our player rotations make no sense.


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                My girlfriend is now calling Bennie, “Boatwrong”. I told her I was gonna post it and she casually said, “Why? I guarantee you I’m not the first person who ever thought of that”.

                So, the upside to all of this is my gf is awesome.
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