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  • Lunardi and Palm both still have us in...

    Both in the last four in, but in. Obviously there will be teams that bump bubble teams off, but we've still got at least seven games left and time to move up. We've got an easier road down the stretch than any other conference team that's not a lock. Still plenty of time to right the ship, but winning the conference is pretty much done. Arizona basically locked it up with the win over us and UCLA's loss to ASU.

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    Also the last three losses barely made a dent in our RPI, BPI and Sagarin ratings. We are ahead of UCLA in two of those ratings and only one spot behind them in Sagarin. Too early for us as fans to throw up our hands in surrender.


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      We had 2 very important 3 game stretches in our schedule that would’ve bolstered our tournament standing in TAMU, at SMU & Oklahoma (neutral) + at UCLA, at ASU & at UofA and we went 0-6. 0-6!!!!! It’s mind boggling how a veteran team simply cannot stop committing dumb fouls, take care of the ball and close out any games. Splitting those 6 games, and even going 2-4 would’ve done wonders for our resume. Smh.