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  • Upcoming Season

    Lets get down to the nitty gritty.
    This upcoming season is shaping up to be a special one.
    But, rest assured we will still have those angry, bitter, nitpicking posters who will find something to complain about.
    (Scott Wolf is the leader of this pack)
    When last seen, I was running through a Las Vegas casino hootin and hollerin after USC upset SMU.
    Like Jim Valvano, I was desperately trying to find someone, anyone to hug and kiss!!
    I knew right then and there that this program was on the rise.
    That we had turned the corner.
    My passion for this team runs deep.
    Besides the immense amount of talent, this is a great group of kids that CAE has recruited.
    Just the fact that some of our top guys decided to come back, speaks volumes.
    They love USC.
    They love the coaching staff.
    They love the chance to put USC BB on the map.
    From last place laughingstock to March Madness Mania.
    I'm going to enjoy every second of this season.
    As well as all you guys that make this forum so awesome.

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    I’m with you Eddie. I remember when I was freshman at SC, I would sit court-side at the Sports Arena and watch our team that had players like Calvin Banks (who probably wasn’t any better than some players I played against at the Lyon Center in pick up games). To now see a roster like this makes me so excited for the season. Never seen so much depth on our squad. Hope our fans can pack the Galen Center and support these kids like they deserve to be. Fight on!


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      Hey troydoc. I was a student during the Harold Miner days!! The Sports Arena was rockin and rollin!! It was then that my love for Trojan BB blossomed!! Back then we were praying for a blue chip recruit to fall in our lap. Now we worry if we have enough scholarships to go around. Happy days are here again!! Sit back, relax, strap on your seat belt and watch this team TAKE-OFF...ever since Galen Center opened I have been able to sit near courtside. The best ticket in town!!! Now its gonna be harder to get a good seat but that comes with the territory. I wouldn't want it any other way. By conference season, there will be sell-outs galore. Believe me kid!!!